Somewhere in Poland

Few of polish areas and boulders, take your cup of coffee and enjoy:)


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Catch it!

My motivation is slowly getting back and I like that! Staying psyched for some projects on Polish Jura. Unfortunately it’s not enough time in day for me now to do all I want. But nice to push myself to perform some training… Roooocks are waiting.

Great Karma 8A/8A+ by Ben Moon

I added “/” because of more people gives 8A and even more 8A+. Personally for me it seems more like 8A but may be when I’ll do it I’ll think rather.

Hope to see You this year my Bleau <3

St. Anger played by three dudes

Three guys decided to give a new life to Metallica’s album from 2003. Juicy and sweet distortion – something good in one these days:)