St. Anger played by three dudes

Three guys decided to give a new life to Metallica’s album from 2003. Juicy and sweet distortion – something good in one these days:)

And again my dreams come true!

Two recent weeks in Berlin I worked at my favourite bouldering gym Ostbloc. I don’t like city very much, it’s too much time for get where ever you need. But for some recent days I feel something like “ok, Berlin is not so bad”:) Here are shops for every need, awesome transport system and not so expensive food.

This week I have new work, I’m a personal trainer for mexican national champion in bouldering, nice girl Karla:) She does just 6C or 6C+ but it’s level of climbing in Mexico now. And we are trying to improve it every day. Less work, more money it’s good.

Hm so what about dreams? It seems to be my favourite subject of posts now:) And this fact adds even more happiness!

So now it’s true what seemed like a faaaar future just some hours ago. I watched a concert Imagine Dragons – Live at Lollapalooza 2014 at the night 2 am, it was awesome. Sometimes operator captured a mega crowd that was there, their faces. I don’t know how much people was there but may be near 10 000. And this incredible crowd sang almost every song with them… It’s impossible to say how great was atmosphere that Dragons made there even on the screen of my laptop. Hearing that crowd my soul felt so warm!

And it’s quiet easy to think about my dream, I wanted to go to the concert of Imagine Dragons ever. And when I got up at the morning I told it to my friend Egor in whose flat I live through my time in Berlin.

After some breakfast we decided to google concerts in Berlin for next days and what do you think we’ve found?!



Unbelievable, if I have so good karma?)) Or I’m just a creator of my destiny? (like in Max Frei’s books)))) No matter I think. It’s better to be happy with things you have and create another great abbilities for your life!