My first 8a+ with rope – Mieszane uczucia

Today most of people went to highline meeting to Bedkowska Valley and in Brzoskwinka Valley there was quiet and calm… So I and Wojtas went there to get some satisfaction of climbing routes. This is really beautiful place with small river and forest above, rocks are not very tall so lines are pretty bouldery and this is what I like:)


We got to Water Rock, did some 6b-6c to warm up and Wojtas started to climb Urynoterapia 7c+ onsight… Unfortunately he fell at place where you must know sequence perfectly or have strong psychic and biceps 😀 Then he easily found way to do and went down.

It was my attempt, I almost got the route but fell. We climbed it both on second go:)

Then we decided to try Mieszane uczucia 8a+. Down holds looked wet but when we began to try they worked good. Wojtas put quickdraws and shew me some sequence.

In flash try I got almost under the big sloppy holds, it’s a half way to top so I was surprised. Then second try with not sure sequence and I fell in the same place.

In 3rd try I got my first 8a+ Mieszane uczucia in Brzoskwinka Valley!


Surprised and it’s only beginning of sending Jura’s classics:) I feel that I can do even harder routes but it’s just question of some endurance and getting compatible to rocks. Now I’m living in Krakow so can climb in evening or before university! Life is great=)

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