Catch it!

My motivation is slowly getting back and I like that! Staying psyched for some projects on Polish Jura. Unfortunately it’s not enough time in day for me now to do all I want. But nice to push myself to perform some training… Roooocks are waiting.

Great Karma 8A/8A+ by Ben Moon

I added “/” because of more people gives 8A and even more 8A+. Personally for me it seems more like 8A but may be when I’ll do it I’ll think rather.

Hope to see You this year my Bleau <3

St. Anger played by three dudes

Three guys decided to give a new life to Metallica’s album from 2003. Juicy and sweet distortion – something good in one these days:)

Don’t get frustrated

Don’t get frustrated…

These words live somewhere deep in my mind but too deep. Too much of work and studying, too much of something else. Climbing is not only what I need to do. And I don’t know what I exactly need…

Hello frustration.