Injury – the worst of what can happen…

Last session in Zimny Dol seemed to be really great. We drove there, went to rocks, weather was perfect and friction was really good.

I flashed Bongo 7B to warm up then we found new sick project and tried moves, it seems like 7C+ or 8A… After some tries on project I flashed Spacer po oblajach 7B+ and gave some tries to Traektoria ruchu 7C+, very really but it was time to go on Krolowa blekitu, Pancerny dosiad and Magica…

Easily I did Krolowa from two sloppy holds to finish. There was only two moves to connect and the most beautiful line in Zimny Dol will be mine.

In first try from sit I managed to catch small crimp but fell from next move to pinch. I felt some discomfort in my finger on left hand after that but didn’t think serious about it.

Next try. I’m closing my fingers on the crimp and ready to do impulse for next move… Than I feel pain, hear crackle of finger and one second later I’m sitting on pads and thinking: “Why now?”

Injury is the worst thing of what can happen. I was in very good shape, I felt comfortable on rocks with rope and on boulders… I had to do my first 8b with rope on that weekend, I have to go to Mello and World Cups in may.

Sad but no way for frustration. It’s time to make more power and train another fingers, unfortunately without climbing but only gym and home.

Hope to return quickly and do much harder things than before:)

Borzeta 7Cs /movie/

Borzeta 7Cs from Durka Dream Team on Vimeo.

Borzęta – 7C afternoon

Small trip to Borzęta was pretty good. Warm sun and blue sky – what more do you need for bouldering?

Troche szalenstwa 7B flash
Licz kalorie 7C first go
Masensu 7C flash
Amores Perros dla leszczy 7C+ redpoint

Not bad I think for first visit to this crag:)
Natalia managed to do her trip goal – Licz kalorie 7C and some easier Animal Pak 7B, Testosteron 7A+.
Movie to come.

Natalia on Licz kalorie 7C

Myself on Licz kalorie 7C

1379559_178976852292442_880074295_n cropped-e-climbing-shop-logo

Monster of Pop – 7C

EA on Puzatiy Gnom 7C+


Photo by Nikita Pavlenko

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