From France with love

Some inspirations from our trip…

Didn’t realise that lead climbing is so so great here. After many days I really love climbing with rope… We have climbed in Guillestre, Saint-Leger and Orpierre and maybe Ceuse is to come but not sure… Will see how it will go with projects.

IMG_1675 IMG_1768 IMG_1847

Somewhere in Poland

Few of polish areas and boulders, take your cup of coffee and enjoy:)


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Great Karma 8A/8A+ by Ben Moon

I added “/” because of more people gives 8A and even more 8A+. Personally for me it seems more like 8A but may be when I’ll do it I’ll think rather.

Hope to see You this year my Bleau <3

Borzeta 7Cs /movie/

Borzeta 7Cs from Durka Dream Team on Vimeo.

Borzęta – 7C afternoon

Small trip to Borzęta was pretty good. Warm sun and blue sky – what more do you need for bouldering?

Troche szalenstwa 7B flash
Licz kalorie 7C first go
Masensu 7C flash
Amores Perros dla leszczy 7C+ redpoint

Not bad I think for first visit to this crag:)
Natalia managed to do her trip goal – Licz kalorie 7C and some easier Animal Pak 7B, Testosteron 7A+.
Movie to come.

Natalia on Licz kalorie 7C

Myself on Licz kalorie 7C

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