N’oubliez jamais 8b

Yes. Did my first 8b today. Interesting that some time ago Serik Kazbekov did it onsight.

Love climbing with rope…

From France with love

Some inspirations from our trip…

Didn’t realise that lead climbing is so so great here. After many days I really love climbing with rope… We have climbed in Guillestre, Saint-Leger and Orpierre and maybe Ceuse is to come but not sure… Will see how it will go with projects.

IMG_1675 IMG_1768 IMG_1847

Are You ready for a good time?

Am I ready?


We’re going to hit the road to Saint Leger through Frankenjura and may be some austrian areas!

I’ll try to post a little after every couple of days, our one month climbing trip begins in 1.5 hour! Happiness I feel You…






Featured image by Stefan Madej

Great Karma 8A/8A+ by Ben Moon

I added “/” because of more people gives 8A and even more 8A+. Personally for me it seems more like 8A but may be when I’ll do it I’ll think rather.

Hope to see You this year my Bleau <3

Today training in Blokoblisko!

Today I’m going to Kalisz for some setting and training with Ben and Kuba in Blokoblisko. Like that gym so much! Hope we’ll make some movies from our fun! Enjoy CLIMBING!=)