Adidas Outdoor Prague. Photos

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Second Poland Bouldering Cup, Tarnow

So here are some words about my journey to Tarnow for second edition of Poland Bouldering Cup 2013. This time I decided to rest a day before comp instead of first edition in Krakow where I competed after hard training week and didn’t have a sleep at night because of cooking food for next two days (money talks=)), so I was pretty fresh and had much power… Continue reading Second Poland Bouldering Cup, Tarnow

IInd Poland Cup in Tarnow today!

I just had some breakfast and packing for new journey to the Tarnow, on second Poland Bouldering Cup! Competition would be on the main place Rynek! And old nice architecture around and new comp-wall from Gato… And now I’m a member of CW Tarnogaj Team of that I’m really proud. Enjoy!:)