Catch it!

My motivation is slowly getting back and I like that! Staying psyched for some projects on Polish Jura. Unfortunately it’s not enough time in day for me now to do all I want. But nice to push myself to perform some training… Roooocks are waiting.

KamPod – Ukrainian Bouldering Cup 2014

I have finished my prepairing for first of this year (for me) UBC 2014 in Kamenets-Podolsky and now it’s only time for two days rest and drive there. Didn’t see my wife for so long and I’m very happy that we’ll be together for this time!

Today training in Blokoblisko!

Today I’m going to Kalisz for some setting and training with Ben and Kuba in Blokoblisko. Like that gym so much! Hope we’ll make some movies from our fun! Enjoy CLIMBING!=)

Trafo Boulder Szpil 2014

Just got back from the first (for me) competition in climbing season 2014 . I’m more satisfied of my result because 3-4 days before comp 5-6 boulders could squeeze all the juice out of me…

In qualification there were 30 boulders. I climbed 25 and made 4 bonuses . On another boulder Krzysiek Szalacha found right sequence in a minute before the end of our time, I started but fell almost at the top and the time has finished… Another power boulder I could climb easily using hole of the bolt to grab by thumb but I saw this trick already before finals so it meant nothing that time 🙂

After the end of the 4th group I was the 9th so the first one who did not get to the finals…

But here I can say thank you to Krzysiek Szalacha again because he thought that he missed finals and went home)

The final went in stupid formula with pares, shotout and terrible ugly boulders… Transformator has so nice holds that could be screwed on real masterpieces but routesetters apparently accustomed to set traverses and down-jumps…) Well, I competed with Piotr Bunsch who later became first and flew out:)

In general for two days I managed to get probably 1/4 of my climbing form which means that soon it will be back in full and then finally climbing goals for this season will start realizing. And they are very ambitious!=)

Hope to see more photos soon.

Thanks to MARSON for support!

Training days in Warsaw are over:)

Three days of non-stop training in Warsaw with Nikita and Denis – nice boulder marathon! I love BOULDERING!!!) Continue reading Training days in Warsaw are over:)