Tour de Fpinka III, Wroclaw

A week ago we were in Wroclaw with my wife for some competing and having fun for sure!

Nothing to say just photos in album on Yandex.Photos:)

First place for me and 5th for Dashka.

Thanks to E-climbingshop, Portal Gorski, SCARPA, Heartbeat, Marson for great support!

«Wrocław 18-19.10.14», author r.batsenko on Yandex.Photos

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Extras from ReZerwa Mocy

Christmas in my WrocLove

So nice atmosphere here today=) We are in one of WrocLove’s churches and there is a small room with moving dolls and Christmas trees! So cute^^

ReZerwa Mocy 2013


Today I’m going to Ukraine by bus… Good bye, my WrocLove, I’l miss you:)



And soon I’ll write article about second Poland Bouldering Cup in Tarnow… May be in bus))